Nepal is on 62th place in the list of Peaceful Nation



A recent study conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace Nepal is shown as a peaceful nation. Out of 162 countries on the basis of the study of peace, the situation here in Nepal 62th place by the founders of the report is relatively Good.

The name given to the survey report was Global Peace Index 2015, Iceland is the most peaceful country considered. The birth place of Buddha wwas in 62th place. Nepal is in second place from South Asian countries.

Bhutan is the first place in South Asia. The largest improvement was seen in what nonetheless remains the most violent region, South Asia (which includes Afghanistan). On the basis of Peace India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are in 143, 154 and 160 position respectively. Likewise, neighboring China is on 124 place.

Europe keeps its place as the most peaceful region, with fourteen nations in the top 20, although the UK (47) and France (48) fared less well. Austerity-driven unrest and a decline in economic conditions led to social unrest, however, most notably in Greece.

source : GPI


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