Kartik is the 7th months of Nepalese Bikram Era Calender Year and falls on October and November. During Kartik another Greatest Festival of Nepalese celebrated. That is TIHAR or The Festival of Lights.


It is a festival of 5 days during which cows, crows, Dogs, Bull and Brothers are worships. For 5 days butterfed lamps, illuminate Nepalese Houses. Special sweet (SEL, AANRASA) are prepared in every house.


On the 5th day of this festival, sisters mark their brothers foreheads with Tika or marks of various colors (Red and Green, Yellow, Blue etc) and offer them Garlands and sweets and pray for their long life and propriety. During the Deepawali or the festival of lights on the 3rd and 4th day, Groups of young girls and boys go from door to door and sing songs of blessing and asked contributions in cash or goods.


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