Ashwin is the Six month of the Nepalese Bikram Era Calendar Year and falls on September and October. On Ashwin falls the greatest festival of all Nepalese – the Durga Puja or Dashain. It is a National festival and last for 8th days. In every Nepalese’s house Goddess Durga is worship continuously for (Nine) days. On the 8th and 9th days of Durga Festival, Goats ducks and chickens are sacrifices. On the 10th day, Tika Festival is observed. Elders and senior in each hindu house mark the foreheads of juniors with “TIKA” or RED COLOR Mark.

Visitors are paid to respectable relatives houses. Feasts are held. Durga puja is the happiest ooccasion of all Nepalese and is celebrated with open Hearts amidst joy and festivities.


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