Ashok Binayak

Ashok Binayak


Ashok Binayak is the famous temple in Kathmandu which is located
near to the Kathmandu Durbar Square (common people named as Maru Tole).
The location of this temple is just behind to the Kasthamandap which
is made up of one tree only. This is the only temple in Nepal which does not have
pinnacle in upper part of temple also known as ‘Gajur’.

According to history every day people put Pinnacle (Gajur) in the temple and it lost every day. And therefore it is name as ‘Maru’ which means “dont have” in Newari language. The temple is of Lord Ganesha, known as
Elephant Head. The temple is in dwarf pagoda style temple comparatively
small than other temple but carry great religious and cultural
significance. There is a culture in Hindu religion that to start any
big ceremony or any great pooja, the first god to pooja is Lord Ganesha
,so the most of pooja often occur to pooja near to this temple, for their different ceremony like
baptism,pasni,bratabandha,etc. Even the malla and shah also first pooja to Maru Ganesh and start their
other ceremonies. The opposite side of temple their is Ganesh vehicle
i.e ‘rat’ made up of golden shrew idol.

People also pooja it and most people light their diyo
or any kind of dhup from their. The date of origin of this temple is uncertain, even though the golden
shrew roof was added in the 19th century. The statue is made up of stone whereas covered with
golden shrew metal and the whole temple is made up of it. The amazing part of this temple
is most people whether going to office,home,college or any other work they all round the
temple and go to their destination.

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